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About Us

JBA Institute (JBA) is an agency that specializes in behavior intervention services for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disabilities. Utilizing principles of the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA), we develop an individualized behavior intervention program tailored for each client.

JBA Institute has been certified with Nonpublic Agency status by the California Department of Education and has also been established as a vendor with the California Regional Center system. We also are accepted by many insurance companies and health plans.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

"Reaching for the stars..." Our goal is to maximize each client's potential by helping them to acquire the skills necessary to learn, live, and work in the least restrictive environment possible. Using scientifically supported intervention strategies, we teach clients to more independently access the opportunities and resources available to them, so that they can become engaged members of their family, school, and community.

We firmly believe that a client learns best if they are in a happy and comfortable state. If individuals are unhappy or experiencing stress, they are more likely to try to avoid situations, engage in challenging behavior toward others, and are less able to benefit from access to their environment. Part of realizing each client's potential is to ensure that they are happy and excited about being an active participant in the world around them.

Our executive director’s almost 30 years of experience providing behavior intervention services to children with ASD have afforded her numerous opportunities to critically think about the services being offered to those with special needs. JBA Institute embodies the unique principles and the values that she has come to understand are the necessities to quality intervention. JBA offers our unique brand of ABA!

We celebrate every member of the team, including the clients, parents, fellow staff, teachers, and other stakeholders as unique individuals who are working together to enrich each other's lives. Despite different perspectives, we can all learn from each other and work collaboratively on behalf of the clients we serve. We believe in respecting our clients, parents, employees, and colleagues.


Additionally, we feel strongly about our supervisors maintaining low caseload sizes to allow for appropriate and ethical levels of supervision and oversight for all of their clients. Also, low caseload size allows for our staff to preserve a work-life balance.

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